Searching for my Beautiful Reward

Feel free of asking whatever you want   Alejandra. 19. Los Cabos, México. Gastronomy student.

"He forgot about you so easily, just remember that."
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how do u mute ur parents

actually doing what they tell you to do

thank u 2young2care-yolo

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i was sitting next to my crush in french and my phone fell on the ground and then he picked it up and i was like give it back and he just put my phone into his pants but not like under his boxers anyways wouldn’t give it back so i had to shove my hands into his pants and get it out and after that like 10 min later he whispered ‘if you haven’t noticed i have a boner now’ that was the best moment of my life bye

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"Maybe one day we’ll meet again when we’re different people.

Maybe then we’ll be better for each other."
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"The world is filled with nice people. If you can’t find one, be one."
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